Kaisiking 15mm x 25M Wide Clear Double Sided Tape Two Sided Adhesive Tape Transparent Weatherproof Yards Outdoor Ultra Strength Industrial Mounting Tape
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Color : 1pcs (15mm)
Brand : Kaisiking
Color : Red
Material : Polyester
Size : 1pcs (15mm)
Compatible Material : Wood, Glass, Paper, Plastic, Metal, Rubber
About this item
【Wide Application】- Widely using for lcd panel display, tablet PC, automobiles ABS plastic fittings, battery, and camera cover, rubber pads ,billboard, advertising, sign post, poster, 3d card making, home, office, workshop etc.

【High Transparency】- Using clear double sided acrylic tape, the adhesive tape with strong PET adhesion on both sides, under the red cover is clear and transparent, virtually invisible color helps keep surfaces smooth, will not leave any traces.

【High Performance】- 25°below zero - 150°.The acrylic tape has high peel strength, high initial adhesion and adhesive strength, You also can remove it easily without residue after a long time adhesion.

【High Quality】- The acrylic tape is made of polyester and soft PET material, coating acrylic on two sides, has aging resistance, shear resistance, solvent resistance, softening resistance, moisture resistance, processing properties.

【What You Will Get】- 1 piece 15mm×25M double sided acrylic tape, Kaisi Tools 30 Days Refund and Replacement Policy.
Product Description
· For paper, cloth, wood, foam, tipping paper, glass, metal, plastic, polystyrene foam,etc.
· Mounting of ABS plastic parts in the car industry
· Self-adhesive mounting of rubber/EPDM profiles
· Mounting of decorative profiles and mouldings in the furniture industry
· Mounting of battery packs, lenses and touch-screens in electronic devices

* 100% new
* Material : Polyester
* Color : Transparent, Clear, acrylic construction for joining transparent material
* Type Adhesive: Acrylic Adhesive
* Adhesive Side: Double Sided
* Adhesive: Acrylic
* Adhesiveness: ≥1.5kg/in
* Permanent Adhesion: ≥48/hour
* Aging resistance
* Shear resistance
* Solvent resistance
* Softening resistance
* Moisture resistance
* Processing properties
* VHB: very high bond
According to the product details, the tape is not permanently bonded at high temperatures. When the temperature exceeds 100 °C, the adhesiveness of the tape is ≥ 48 / hour.

Package Includes:
1* 15mm x 25M
Kaisi Tools 24 hours e-mail reply, efficient and friendly service.